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Pays de la Loire
Activité(s) : Traitement des eaux, Recyclage / Réutilisation des eaux
Marché(s) concerné(s) : Ville, Territoires ruraux, Agriculture, Industrie, Milieux naturels
Métier(s) : Recherche et développement

Adhérent DREAM Eau et Milieux

Référent : Yves ANDRES
4, rue alfred Kastler
44300  NANTES
The Energy Systems and Environment Department (DSEE) at IMT Atlantique carries out research and teaching activities in the field of environmental technologies for energy and the environment, with a particular focus on processes for producing energy from residues and co-products, optimizing energy systems in interaction with their environment and processes for eliminating pollutants from water, air and gases.The DSEE's research section is an integral part of UMR CNRS 6144 GEPEA (comprising CNRS, the University of Nantes, ONIRIS and IMT Atlantique Nantes Campus) through its involvement in three of the UMR's five research teams: TEAM: Treatment Water Air Metrology, VERTE: Energy and Resources Recovery of Residues and Emission Treatment and OSE: Optimization – Systems – Energy. TEAM's work covers applied methods of water and air treatment as well as purification of energy-carrying gases. The scientific and technological obstacles revolve around transfer/reaction phenomena and their optimisation at solid-fluid interfaces, along with interactions between pollutants. The research themes are applied to: • water treatment using techniques such as wetlands, sand filtration, activated carbon, applied to stormwater, wastewater, greywater in the aim to reuse the treated water for specific applications. • treatment of indoor air regarding VOCs and aerosols (PM10, PM2.5 and micro-organisms): adsorption, photocatalytic oxidation, filtration • treatment of industrial exhaust gases (gaseous components, aerosols, combustion fumes): bio-filters, bioscrubbers, filtration • pollutant transfer: cross-contamination, confinement, deposition and re-suspension

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