France Water team

Third edition of the International Club

On Thursday, November 25, the 3rd meeting of the France Water Team International Club France Water Team took place with a focus on the FASEP program.

Club International

The objective of this meeting was once again to allow members to share their experiences, to present some of the actions carried out internationally and to highlight several development opportunities for water stakeholders abroad.

Reminder of the program

The first part of the session focused on the news of the members present and more particularly on the progress of 2 FASEP projects led by Fonto de Vivo and Watura.

  • Anthony Cailleau, co-founder of Fonto de Vivo, spoke about the deployment of his ORISA® water purifier in Colombia.
  • Sébastien Rigual, founder of Watura, shared the progress of the Spanish version of its training platform dedicated to the water and sanitation sector, which is being tested in Bolivia.

After these two speeches, the participants took part in a question and answer session which led to a fruitful exchange between the members.

The France Water Team took advantage of the remaining time to present the upcoming opportunities, including the possibility of participating in the World Water Forum 2022 and the euWater4i-SD Innovation Forum.

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