France Water team

Target markets & challenges

In order to allow its affiliated members to make the most of its ecosystem, France Water Team has identified the main target markets and set out the issues that structure the water sector in France.

Target markets

The main activity of France Water Team revolves around five main target markets of the water sector and responds to the many challenges of development and innovation.

The competitiveness cluster’s strategy is focused on increasing the supply and innovation (services, technologies, integrated solutions), in the five markets identified as being the most promising for the water sector.

  • Water in the city and rural areas
  • Water in agriculture
  • Water in industry
  • Water in well-being, leisure and health
  • Water in natural environments

These markets were also identified in the PIPAME * prospective study launched by the French Water Sector (FFE) and the Directorate General of Enterprises (DGE) of 2017/2018.



To bring together the conditions for a real impact of the players in its ecosystem on these markets, France Water Team has set out the major issues that structure the water sector in France, in line with the regional action of the AQUA-VALLEY, DREAM Eau & Milieux and HYDREOS clusters.



  • Restoration of environments and their biodiversity
  • Development of alternative solutions for the treatment of sludge/soil/water
  • Development of innovative solutions for monitoring the quality of environments and resources



  • Optimisation and intelligent management of infrastructures
  • Secured resources, systems for recharging groundwater or underground storage systems



  • Sludge recovery
  • Water reuse and recycling



  • Renew, maintain, and operate networks



  • Know, understand and decide (AI, bigdata, etc.)
  • Adaptation of actors, training, new services


* The PIPAME prospective study focuses on the future of water in France by 2030: challenges, technologies, innovations and the necessary development in professions.

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