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A look back at the 2021 World Impact Summit

On December 2 and 3, 2021, France Water Team attended the World Impact Summit in Bordeaux. This event, which gathers every year public and private actors to think about sustainable and innovative solutions for the planet, had made water its major cause for the 2021 edition.
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Water, 2021 major cause of the WIS

Organized at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux, the World Impact Summit 2021 was structured around four thematic half-days (zero carbon objective, circular economy, recovery plan and nature and biodiversity), animated by conferences, workshops and thematic debates

This 2021 edition having made water its great cause, the discussions covered a variety of topics, from anticipating the effects of climate change by European territories to nature-based solutions, through decentralized cooperation in water and sanitation. 

Alongside the Solutions Village, these discussions were an opportunity for companies in the water sector to present their solutions for sustainable resource management, such as Aquassay and Callisto, affiliated members of France Water Team. 


Focus on international support for the water sector

France Water Team was able to participate in a round table discussion on the following topic: “How to export French know-how in terms of innovation with impact?”. This was an opportunity to :

  • Discuss the specificities and challenges of companies in the French water sector at the international scale, in particular regarding innovation, and the tools to boost their international competitiveness.

  • Present the “International” service of France Water Team, and in particular the euWater4i-SD project which aims to promote the entry of “water-smart” solutions developed by European SMEs in developing markets.


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This intervention is part of the euWater4i-SD project (EUropean Water initiative for fostering International Sustainable Development).

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