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Rencontres techniques de l'eau

On September 23 in Clermont-Ferrand, the Water Technical Meetings “When water becomes an issue for the territory!” were organized by the DREAM Eau & Milieux cluster, on behalf of France Water Team, and Limagrain, in collaboration with BRGM, INRAE and VEGEPOLYS VALLEY.

This meeting allowed to:

  • To create a time of exchange between water users, elected officials and the State to discuss and exchange around the sustainable and shared management of water resources
  • To consolidate the links with the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region, the Loire Bretagne Water Agency, the BRGM, the INRAE and VEGEPOLYS VALLEY
  • Facilitate contact requests between participants
  • To promote our members
  • To make emerge tracks of reflections around the 3 round tables:
    • The challenges of quantitative water management on the territory
    • Agriculture facing the challenges of water resources
    • Impact of global changes on water resources, adaptation strategies


The challenges and objectives of this meeting were to:

  • To think about the different techniques, solutions, management means, points of convergence that can be implemented to better manage the water resource and respond to the specific upstream problems of the basin
  • To exchange on the multi-use management of water on a territory in a global and systemic logic
  • To promote sustainable and shared management of water resources
  • To federate competences to take up the challenges together


We could count on the presence of:

  • Sylvain BOUCHER, President of France Water Team
  • Pascal VIGUIER, President of LIMAGRAIN Group
  • Régine ENGSTROM, Prefect of the Centre Val de Loire Region, basin coordinator
  • Philippe CHOPIN, Prefect of Puy de Dôme
  • Martin GUTTON, Director General of the Loire Bretagne Water Agency
  • Frédéric BONNICHON, Vice President for the Environment and Positive Ecology, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Regional Council
  • Jean LAUNAY, President of the French Water Partnership, President of the National Water Committee

The meeting in some figures

Over 130 participants
Over 50 different entities
1 opening speech
1 conference of Jean LAUNAY, great witness of the day
3 thematic roundtables
1 closing conference on the geopolitics of water, conflicts of use

Nos financeurs

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  • ministere-economie-finances
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