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Feedback about the France Water Team International Club on 7 April 2022

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The International Club France Water Team back in 2022 for its 4th edition!

A new meeting of the France Water Team International Club was held on Thursday April 7, 2022. Bringing together nearly 30 participants, this meeting was an opportunity to focus on Africa and on the export financing tools made available by the French Treasury.

The first few minutes of the exchange are available below. If you would like to watch the full replay, please contact us.

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Club 1

Highlights (I)

  • Grégoire Landel, CityTaps CEO, testified on the implementation by the start-up of two FASEPs in Kenya and Tanzania. This was an opportunity to insist on the fact that the FASEP is relatively “easy to set up, not very constraining in terms of management and guarantees a payment on time“. 


  • Maxime Therrillion, Commercial director at Mascara NT, also proposed a feedback on the implementation of a FASEP in South Africa. This was the occasion to underline the contribution of the FASEP “to visibility and reference projects“, but also to insist on “the necessary preparation work upstream of the setting up of a FASEP, especially in terms of local partners“. 
Club 2

Highlights (II)


  • Emilie Fillol, International project manager, presented to all participants a feedback on the France Water Team delegation to the World Water Forum, which was held at the end of March 2022 in Dakar (Senegal). This was an opportunity for Dosatron, Fonto de vivo and IFTS, affiliated members of France Water Team, to express their satisfaction with this event.


  • The France Water Team International Club meeting was also an opportunity to present several international news and opportunities, starting with the France Water Team delegation that will attend IFAT Munich in May 2022. 

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