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Feeback on the CSR, SDG and international animation

Winners of the RECITAL Prize operated by CENTRAIDER (financed by the French Development Agency), the DREAM Eau & Milieux and Végépolys Valley clusters proposed a new joint action on November 16th: Developing the international component of its CSR strategy: Objective SDGs! 

This event (free and 100% digital) allowed to close a year rich in animations around CSR, SDGs and international topics in the Centre-Val de Loire Region. 

Objectif ODD

Key figures of the event:

  • 36 participants
  • 9 speakers
  • 3 hours of information and exchanges

This event allowed participants to discover the actions and devices involved in the CSR approach and to exchange with the various speakers to learn about the CSR strategy, understand its interest and thus act better internally. The 100% digital format of this event allowed a large number of people and companies to be present to express themselves on this subject. 

The objectives of this morning were to:

  • Raise awareness and engage companies on CSR
  • Be inspired by concrete examples
  • Understand the stakes of economic actors involved in the CSR approach


Reminder of the program:

9 – 9:45 AM: #CSR

  • Welcome and introduction of the DREAM Eau & Milieux and Végépolys Valley clusters
  • Presentation of the Global Compact
  • Feedback from the company Odial Solutions (Vergnet Hydro and UDUMA) by Miguel Marteau, Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Presentation of the collective CSR support offered by Afnor Centre-Val de Loire with the support of the Centre-Val de Loire Region, by Anne YOUF, Afnor CVL Regional Delegate

10 – 10:45 AM: #SDG

11 – 11:45 AM: #International

  • Presentation of the NGO-Company networking platform CO-EXIST by Marion FABRE, in charge of Partnerships and Innovation at the Cité de la Solidarité Internationale

  • Testimony of LightBlue Consulting by Benjamin LE PHILIBERT, CEO and member of the CCI Franco-Thaï – President of the CSR Commission: Sharing on its actions in the Indian Ocean for the reduction of food waste carried out with communities and companies

  • Presentation of the EXPLOR program by Céline LEROUX, Director of CENTRAIDER


This morning concludes a year rich in activities around CSR, SDG and international issues in the Centre-Val de Loire Region. It has been certified by the Regional COP Centre-Val de Loire and referenced within the actions of November 2021, month of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).

Partenaires RSE,ODD,International

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