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Feedback on the Technical Day: Water Reuse

Faced with the growing pressure on water resources in our territories, the Brittany cluster Bretagne Eco-Entreprises (B2E) and the DREAM Eau & Milieux cluster proposed a one-day webinar on October 14th, 2020 on the reuse of non-conventional water. An event organized in partnership with ASTEE Ouest, ABEA and SAUR.

The objectives of this meeting were to:

  • Present the concrete issues of water reuse for companies and communities
  • Bring together the key actors in the sector
  • Present different techniques and solutions


The day in 5 figures

138 participants
1 opening plenary
2 roundtables
2 workshops
36 B2B meetings

Event highlights:

  • Presentations of issues, techniques and solutions
  • Diversity of the audience
  • Presence of local authorities and contractors
  • Networking



09:20 AM: Welcome

09:30 AM: Opening of the day

T. BURLOT, Vice-President of the Regional Council of Brittany

09:45 AM:

Background on the resource

D. PIERRE, President of DREAM Eau & Milieux cluster

Background on legislation

P. FERRY, Head of the Water Division in the Heritage and Nature Department

10:15 AM: “Uses” Roundtable

  • What are the concrete issues for companies and territories? With C. D’ARGENTRE (ABEA) and M. FLORIAT (Amorce)
  • How have some of them succeeded in implementing WASTE projects? With J. BORTOLI (Vendée Eau) and a representative of Breizh Europe

11:15 AM: “Solutions” Roundtable

  • Overview of treatment solutions according to uses – With L. MEJEAN (SAUR)
  • Presentation of some technical solutions – With S. BELLOIR (Nereus), A. BOUGEANT (ENEPRO Biogaz) and T. FERON (Aquaprox)

11:40 AM: Synthesis and perspectives

H. DENIS, President of B2E

11:50 AM:

  • Workshop 1: Reuse of industrial water With P. KERBIRIOU (Ocene), a representative of Laïta and a representative of Cooperl
  • Workshop 2: Reuse of community water – With M. MEVELLEC (Egis Eau), G. GRAGNIC (Veolia), E. JODIN (Eau du Bassin Rennais) and S. BELLOIR (Nereus)

12:30 PM: Morning end

02:00 PM: B2B Meetings

Individual appointment program

04:00 PM: End of the day


To find out more about B2B:

It is a cluster of Brittany actors of the ecological and energy transition with two missions:

  • Network of technical and economic synergies on eco-solutions
  • Resource center for eco-responsible projects of companies and communities


For more information, please contact:


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