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The International Club is your privileged place to meet and exchange with France Water Team members on the export topics that interest you!
Club international V4

Be part of this collective dynamic and boost your international development! 

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Pre-launching meeting

Tuesday 9 March from 2 PM to 4 PM
(in visioconference)

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On the agenda for this Club:

  • strategic information and news
  • experience sharing between peers
  • interventions by qualified experts
  • customized programs to improve skills
  • a synergy of actors in the same sector


This meeting is reserved for DREAM Eau & Milieux, AQUA-VALLEY and HYDREOS members as well as members of the EA Eco-entreprises and Eau-Milieux-Sols.

Nos financeurs

  • republique-francaise
  • ministere-economie-finances
  • region-centre-loire
  • region-grand-est
  • region-occitanie
  • region-sud-paca