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Blue and Eco industries cluster exchange for induStrial modernisation (BLUES) is a European collaborative project funded by the COSME program of the European Commission.

The main objective of this project is to bring clusters towards excellence in terms of management and to facilitate strategic partnerships between water clusters and clusters representing key technologies (Plasma Technology, Nanotechnologies and Digital). The main challenge is to boost the competitiveness of SMEs by developing their international collaboration opportunities, in particular through the organization of exchange trips with potential partners. The efficient management of water and resources is the common axis chosen by the project partners to initiate collaborations.

The BLUES project has five partners: BalticNET PlasmaTEC (Germany), Zinnae (Spain), Nanoprogress (Czech Republic), Mazovia ICT cluster (Poland) and AQUA-VALLEY (France) representing France Water Team. This project is a follow-up to the COSME INNO-DROP project that ended in 2018.

Through training and feedback, clusters are challenged to improve their strategy and the services offered to their members. One of the central parts of the project will be to set up the “BluesXchange pilot scheme” which will consist in the organization of exchanges (3 days minimum) between clusters, SMEs and research centers around the theme of water and eco-industries.

Better understand the Blues project and the BluesXchange program through the FAQ: Click here

The project is built around 4 "workpackages"

  • WP1 : Capacity building and strategy construction (Nanoprogress leader)
  • WP2 : Organization of joint activities (MCICT leader)
  • WP3 : Setting up the BluesXchange pilot and organizing exchanges (ZINNAE leader)
  • WP4 : Awareness and communication around the project (AQUA-VALLEY leader)
  • WP5 : Project management (BNPT leader)

Contact point

You have questions, you wish to be identified as “Hosts” or as “Visitors”, please contact:

Mylène HACHE – Project manager:

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