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Launch of the Water Accelerator

At the initiative of the French Water Sector, the actors in the sector and the public authorities have joined forces to launch a support program dedicated to very small businesses. Discover the first promotion of the Water Accelerator!
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To meet the challenges of the water sector, the actors in the sector, gathered within the French Water Sector, Bpifrance and the public authorities have built an acceleration offer that meets the challenges of this sector. 18 entrepreneurs, including 7 members of France Water Team (NATARYS, CT2MC, BIOVITIS, PEMA, NKE Instrumentation, ODYSSEE Environnement and JFM Conseils) are joining the first class of the Water Accelerator, under the sponsorship of Annelise Avril, Vice President and Director of Research, Innovation and Digital Transformation at Suez.

In 2017, the industry’s actors, federations and competitiveness clusters, created the water sector confederation: the “French Water Industry”, bringing together all the actors in the water value chain. Characterized by a great diversity of actors and trades dispersed on the French territory, the Water sector represents in France nearly 5000 companies, 53000 direct and indirect jobs, 28 billion euros of turnover… but also 132 million people served in drinking water by French actors outside the hexagon.

A program articulated around 3 levers

The deployment of this acceleration program is articulated around three levers that will be activated throughout the 12 months of support:

  • Consulting: Initial diagnosis focused on the company’s medium-term strategy and allowing the identification of priority areas for growth, and access to dedicated consulting modules;
  • Training: Participation in 5 one-day seminars, organized in partnership with the Ecole Polytechnique on targeted themes, and workshops enabling companies to strengthen their skills and feed their strategic thinking. The latter are complemented by e-learning and self-diagnostics;
  • Networking: Participation in a program bringing together various actors in the water sector, privileged access to the “accelerated” networks and the network of Bpifrance partners.

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