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SONEDE, AFD and Aquassay sign a partnership agreement


In November 2018, HYDREOS founding member of France Water Team and in partnership withès (industrial and technological cluster) organized in Djerba the first Tunisian-French Technical Days on the theme of “Water in the factory of the future”, with the support of the French Institute of Tunisia.

This event allowed the meeting between Aquassay, HYDREOS member, and the actors of the water sector in Tunisia (SONEDE, ONAS, Pol-i-Tec Gabes, ENIG, ISSTEG, …).

As a start-up specializing in water fficiency and digitalization, Aquassay has developed innovative services and solutions dedicated to improving the performance of water use and treatment for industry and sustainable cities. Discussions and site visits helped identify a new application for these solutions: desalination plants.

A project has therefore been developed to create a “digital twin” of the two desalination plants (seawater and brackish water) of Djerba, to allow real-time analysis and improvement of industrial and environmental performance of facilities.

For this project, Aquassay has partnered with Schneider Electric, Naldeo Technologies & Industries and Maxime Pontie (University of Angers).

This program has received financial support (FEXTE) from the French Development Agency (AFD).

The agreement between SONEDE, AFD and Aquassay was signed on June 3rd, 2021, in Tunis, within the framework of the High Council of Cooperation between France and Tunisia, under the supervision of the President of the Tunisian government Hisham Mchichi and the French Prime Minister Jean Castex. 

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