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Programming of the Circular economy of water conference cycle at the CGLE 2021 Innovation Village

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Wednesday 5 May 2021 / 2 PM – 3:30 PM

“Recycle and reuse for a sober and sustainable consumption of the water resource”

This conference is part of a cycle on the circular economy of water and focuses on the recycling and reuse of non-conventional water as solutions to protect the resource and fight against its scarcity. 

Moderator: Nicolas CONDOM, Expert in reuse, President and Founder of Ecofilae

  • Cédric MORIO, Head of the Operation Department, Water Cycle and Energy Networks Department, Orleans Metropolitan Council
  • Jean-François COMMAILLE, Leader of the Water and Environment working group of the Bretagne Eco-Entreprises Cluster (B2E)
  • Fanny GARD, Project Manager “Preservation of water resources”, Water and Biodiversity Department, Ministry of Ecological Transition

Wednesday 5 May 2021 / 4:30 PM – 6 PM

“Rainwater, a resource that matters!”

This conference is part of a cycle on the circular economy of water and aims to re-demonstrate the usefulness and interest of integrated stormwater management, which must be considered as a resource in its own right.

Moderator: Wendy ARNOULD, DREAM Eau & Milieux cluster

  • “Integrated stormwater management by the SDEA on the Alsace Moselle perimeter”, Yan DABROWSKI, Director of Studies, SDEA
  • “Desimpermeabilisation of schoolyards – Valorisation of rainwater as a resource and other positive externalities – Example of the City of Lunel (Hérault, 34)”, Fabien CHRISTIN, Associate Director, CEREG
  • Hydro’way® technical solution (permeable soils), Denis JOANDEL, Director, JDM Expert
  • “Sustaining nature in the city with rainwater”, Baptiste LAURENT, CEO co-founder, Vertuo

Thursday 6 May 2021 / 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

“The good reasons to choose vegetalized water treatment for water treatment” – A conference proposed by the Fédération des Entreprises de l’Epuration Végétalisée (FEVE)

This conference is part of a cycle on the circular economy of water. Water purification by processes using plants offers sustainable treatment solutions. The advantages of this process and its applications are presented.

Moderator: Pascal MOLLE, INRAE

  • “Presentation of the EVEREX project”, Pascal MOLLE, Research Director, INRAE REVERSAAL Research Unit, INRAE
  • “Vegetated purification and its various applications”, Joëlle PAING, FEVE secretary, FEVE
  • “The plant at the service of vegetal purification”, Philippe PROHIN, member of FEVE, NYMPHEA
  • “Feedback from a community on wastewater treatment plants with reed filters “, Philippe PROHIN, FEVE member, NYMPHEA

Thursday 6 May 2021 / 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

“Acting on the consumer to preserve the water resource”

This conference is part of a cycle on the circular economy of water. It aims to highlight remarkable projects or tools, allowing to raise awareness of users to move towards a responsible consumption of water.

Moderator: Sophie ALTMEYER, HYDREOS

  • Jérôme BORTOLI, General Manager, Vendée Eau
  • Patrice GUILLOUZIC, Managing Director and co-founder, Advizzo
  • Philippe VERVIER, CEO of Acceptables Avenirs


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