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FASEP: Discover the project led by WATURA in Bolivia

HYDREOS represents France Water Team in the monitoring committee of the FASEP project led by WATURA. Carried out in partnership with Saguapac, a Bolivian public services cooperative, its objective is to provide training in water and sanitation in Latin America.
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FASEP: Discover the project led by WATURA in Bolivia

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What is the FASEP project led by WATURA in Bolivia?

This project, led by WATURA in partnership with the Bolivian public services cooperative Saguapac, aims to develop and test a training platform in the water and sanitation sector. The objective is to allow Latin American actors to benefit from French expertise and innovations in digital training adapted to local needs.

As such, HYDREOS, representing France Water Team and several affiliated members have expressed their interest in the project and its economic benefits: Altereo, Bluspark, BRL Ingénierie, Diehl Metering, Dosatron, Sainte-Lizaigne, Eaux de Marseille, Saint Gobain Pont-à-Mousson, Suez – UCD®, WMI (Vinci group). They are involved in the project through its Monitoring Club as well as France Water Team, which has supported this project since its beginning. 

This project is supported by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery.

What is a FASEP?


3 strategic axes have been identified with the local beneficiary Saguapac:

  1. Adapting and enriching educational content
  2. Improve learner engagement
  3. Valorize acquired skills

Already operational, the Spanish language platform has more than 22 training courses available for Saguapac users and FASEP club members.


The next steps in the project are:

  • Creation of new modules for the South American market

  • Experimentation with innovative teaching methods to improve learner engagement
  • Construction of the competency framework adapted to the local context

  • Experimentation and marketing of the platform in the South American market (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico…)

  • Organization of a seminar in June 2022 in Santa Cruz with the members of the FASEP club

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