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FASEP: Discover the KILIMO project led by ITK in Kenya

On November 16, the DREAM Eau & Milieux cluster represented France Water Team at the monitoring committee of the KILIMO project in Kenya, led by its member ITK, within a rich consortium with Airbus Defence and Space.
Small winding river and green swamps, aerial view

What is the KILIMO project?

This is a scientific and technological feasibility study for food security and soil carbon sequestration. This project is supported by the French Ministry of Economy, which co-finances the export of French green technologies.

What is a FASEP?

The project’s objectives:

  • Eradicate hunger, ensure food security

  • Increase sustainable and environmentally friendly maize production

  • Facilitate the work of Kenyan farmers on their smallholder farms through technology transfer and skills exchange

  • Support the development of agro-ecological practices in maize production through satellite observation and agronomic modeling

  • Apply climate-smart technologies to agriculture through real-time carbon monitoring

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