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The European dimension is at the heart of France Water Team's strategy to increase the competitiveness of its affiliated members. France Water Team is the interface between French and European players in the water sector, to meet the challenges of European funding programs.


  • To access a wide range of financing tools whatever the level of technological maturity of the projects;
  • For limited risk-taking with high funding rates that can cover up to 100% of expenses;
  • To open up to a large network of partners offering the best skills and expertise;
  • To observe, understand and develop in markets outside France;
  • To increase its visibility on a European scale.



France Water Team helps you acquire your European dimension

3 strategic objectives to make France Water Team and its affiliated members key players in Europe in the fields of water:


  1. Encourage and guide affiliate members in the preparation of their European funding files and in their search for partners. For this, France Water Team offers a series of tools adapted to European challenges:
    • an active watch on calls for projects and events not to be missed on a European scale,
    • information actions aligned with the European calendar via specific webinars and mailings,
    • research and facilitated networking with European partners to build or join solid consortiums,
    • tailor-made assistance for the assembly of the files, from the structuring of the idea to submitting the files.


  1. Amplify the involvement of France Water Team and its founding clusters in European projects. Our strengths:
    • a network of potential partners in France and Europe,
    • a catalogue of pilot sites to test innovative solutions,
    • information and strategic recommendations on water markets, coming from our exchanges with other clusters and partners in France and Europe,
    • a springboard to position your innovations at the heart of the European markets,
    • opportunities to meet with potential partners via “workshops” or networking and matchmaking events”.


  1. Being at the heart of the European innovation ecosystem. In order to carry the voice of its affiliated members, France Water Team weaves relationships of trust with the key players in Europe: influential professional associations, European Union bodies, water stakeholders from Member States active in Brussels. For the affiliated members, the added value of this positioning is manifold:
    • Expression of needs to the European Commission via multiple networks: French network of NCPs, Water Europe, Water JPI, cluster ICT4Water. France Water Team is able to bring up the subjects of its affiliate members during the consultation phases of future calls for European projects.
    • Privileged access to strategic information, whether in connection with the next calls for projects, but also with trends in the RDI sector and regulations on a European scale.


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