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International Conference Groundwater and Sustainable Development Goals

Introductory Webinar to the International Conference: Groundwater, Key to Sustainable Development Goals

The “2030 Agenda” and the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) represent inter-governmental and multi-stakeholder roadmaps with a strong message of hope for the future of human societies and terrestrial and marine ecosystems, currently facing the impacts of global change. Water is an important part of the 2030 Agenda through SDG 6. 

This introductory webinar will be an opportunity to present the upcoming international conference: Groundwater, Key to Sustainable Development Goals, co-organized by CFH-IAH and PFE and in contribution to the 9th phase of UNESCO IHP through speeches on the interconnectivity between the SDGs and the role of groundwater.


Agenda and Speakers:

  • Welcome: Abou AMANI, UNESCO, Director of the Division of Water Sciences
  • Opening Remarks: Dave KREAMER, President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists
  • Agathe EUZEN, CNRS, Institute of Ecology and Environment, France, Deputy Scientific Director of Sustainability Science
  • Introduction to the SDGs and the role of groundwater


  • Stéphane GILLIS, Director General, SDDEA, France
  • How a local government integrates the water-related SDGs into its local policy: SDDEA 2100 strategy for integrated and sustainable water management (Aube, France)


  • Christian SZACOWNY, Multi Actors Regional Network Great-East, France
  • Groundwater use by NGOs. Links with the SDGs. Hopes and knowledge. Feedback from Africa and South East Asia.


  • Nathalie DÖRFLIGER, Jehanne FABRE, Danone Waters/Water Cycle International Corporate
  • Responsibility of groundwater management to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – science-based challenges to fully realize water management. *Examples of water catchments and dairy plants in Indonesia and South Africa*

Debate between the speakers and the Internet participants: Questions/reactions on the speeches.


Proposals to feed the 2022 Conference (content, form)

Synthesis – Closing:

  • Gérard PAYEN, French Water Partnership
    Patrick LACHASSAGNE, Hydrogeologist, president of the French section of the IAH

The webinar will be simultaneously interpreted (English/French).


The conference will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2021 from 2:30 PM. to 5:00 PM, on Zoom. 


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