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Successful conclusion and continuation of the FASEP CIS - Bluspark project in Brazil!

The HYDREOS cluster represented France Water Team in the follow-up club of the FASEP project which has just ended. The objective was to accompany the water authority of a municipality near São Paulo...
Clôture en succès et suite du projet FASEP CIS

The HYDREOS Cluster represented France Water Team in the follow-up club of the FASEP project (1) “A pilot platform to regain the trust of Brazilian citizens towards their public services” in Brazil, led by its member Bluspark.

This FASEP project, which has just been completed in accordance with the initial schedule and despite the difficulties linked to the sanitary context, had the objective of supporting the water authority of the municipality of Itu located near São Paulo (CIS – Companhia Ituana de Saneamento) for the implementation of a platform to pilot, organize and communicate around the management of interventions and the maintenance of equipment.

This pilot platform has already generated opportunities in terms of partnerships and business for Bluspark but also for several other French companies in the water sector (equipment manufacturers in the field of metrology and piping or software manufacturers), in particular the participants in the follow-up club, a majority of which are affiliated members of the France Water Team: Antea, Axeau, Valgo, Diehl Metering, EDF, Fluksaqua, INERA, Save Innovation, Veolia, Vinci and Watura.

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(1) What is a Private Sector Assistance Study Fund (FASEP – Fonds d’études et d’aide au secteur privé)? Click here!

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