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Carnot Water & Environment: Study days on NBS on November 16 and 17, 2020

Nature-based Solutions and Hybrid Water Systems: Characterization and Infrastructure Management

The Days will focus on NBS and hybrid systems more particularly related to water by investigating three main themes:

Characterization of NBS and hybrid systems: What definition, what examples? – What functions do NBS perform? – How to define the right combination between NBS and infrastructure/grey solutions? – How to consider multifunctionality? – Approaches by functions, by ecosystem services, by externalities, what complementarities? – What consideration should be given to dyservices?

Contextual positioning: How is the new governance being set up (Notre law, GEMAPI)? – How to evaluate the interest/performance of SFN and hybrid systems in a sustainable development context? – How to consider in this perspective the (socio)historical and socio-political aspects, as well as the cost and value aspects and the environmental equity? – How to communicate on these approaches to different audiences? What place should be given to citizens’ perception of NBS? – What impact does the chosen governance have?

Infrastructure management: How is it evaluated? According to which criteria (costs, technical, environmental, social…)? – What is the feedback on SFNs in asset management? – What procedures, organizations or specific means are implemented? – How can we adapt multi-service management and professions for a more integrated management of water and landscape aspects in the urban space? – What are the views on integrated asset management?

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