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12th National Forum of Eco-Enterprises

Registration for the 12th National Eco-Enterprise Forum is open!
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France Water Team is pleased to invite you to participate in the next edition of the National Forum of Eco-Enterprises organized by PEXE – the Eco-Enterprises of France – and ADEME. This annual meeting of the business and innovation community of the cleantech sector will be held on Thursday, April 8, 2021, in a dematerialized way.


As an AQUA-VALLEY, DREAM or HYDREOS member, get a 25% discount for your company.

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>> 500 participants (companies, principals, competitiveness clusters, clusters, investors, research institutes, financiers) will be present.


As a key account, you can organize meetings with SMEs/start-ups in the environment and energy sectors and also be a member of a jury for the Vitrines de l’innovation (pitches by innovative SMEs selected by a committee of experts) which will focus on :

  • Adaptation to climate change: water and biodiversity
  • Sustainable buildings and construction
  • Waste and circular economy
  • Energy: RE and energy efficiency


Free participation in the business convention for France Water Team member companies.


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