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France Water Team

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France Water Team
France Water Team Introduction
France Water Team Introduction

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France Water Team Presentation

France Water Team is a reference “brand” internationally which aims to:
  • Collaborate on international development joint actions for the water sector companies
  • Promote and support the development of their member companies in export through an integrated offering
  • Increase the visibility of its members abroad

France Water Team is the result of a partnership between :

France Water Team presentation

Le Pôle EAU :


Pole EAU_FranceWaterTeam_international

Pôle EAU is a French WATER competitiveness cluster aims to partnerships and projects between members companies and academics. The goal is to promote innovation and international business in the water sector.

  • Priority 1 : Identification and mobilization of water resources
  • Priority 2 : Concerted management of water resources and usage
  • Prioroity 3 : Re-use of water from all sources
  • Priority 4 : Stakeholders, decision making and relations with institutions and societies


Pôle EAU is the leader of DREAM Eau et milieux and HYDREOS, the two other clusters in water sector.

Dream :


DREAM cluster is a competitiveness cluster in the Region Centre (France) that brings together key players in the fields of research and training, as well as economic stakeholders. It is now the recognised representative for the field of green technology related to water and aquatic environment. It develops tailor-made, sustainable solutions, both technical and socio-economic. The cluster supports growth and competitiveness of its SMEs through innovation, a focus on research and technology transfer.

FranceWaterTeam_partenaires_hydreos HYDREOS is a competitive cluster. It is an organisation that works for its members, who are all involved in the water market in Alsace and Lorraine. Its principal mission is to enhance the performance of the local economic network in all trades related to water. By creating synergies to assist in the development of innovative projects, HYDREOS supports its members in implementing activities favouring sustainable improvements of all kinds that are related to water.


Éa éco-entreprises :



Ea Eco-Entreprises brings together eco companies with complementary skills in the PACA region. The members come from sectors of water, waste, polluted sites and soils, air quality, biodiversity, sustainable development and CSR.

Ea Eco entreprises supports its members in the different development steps and promotes emergence of innovative solutions to prevent, measure, limit or correct the impact of human activities on the environment .
Their actions are focused on three strategic business areas:

  • Sustainable and competitive territories, to develop an alternative offer dedicated to development projects
  • Quality of life in the Mediterranean environment, to provide resource management solutions
  • Actors of the transition to the emergence and implementation of new sustainable economic development strategies

Swelia :


Network of the water sector companies covering all needs of the water cycle, Swelia has expertise in the areas of identification, processing, distribution, irrigation, analysis and controls, including water reuse of any kind.

Swelia offers innovative solutions consist of offers to their members. These solutions are targeted to different segments of the water market: drinking water, sanitation, agriculture, water reuse, tourism, health, extractive industries.

WSM «Water Sensors and Membranes» :



(Water Sensors and Membranes) (WSM) brings together twenty members around the treatment of water and more specifically membranes and sensors.

Members include society , research laboratories, technology users, communities. The WSM cluster aims to assist national and international development of its members including participating in the emergence of innovative collaborative projects.